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GeoLocation-Service (MaxMind)

KlexSign use MaxMind to provide geolocation services. It can increase security if the user also sees the respective location in the session overview. This is the only way to determine whether the session has been authorized. Admins also have the option to restrict the login to certain countries.

For this feature to work, you need to provide a license key for MaxMind Geo Location database.

The database is downloaded locally. No IP addresses are sent to external servers or APIS. This is important to guarantee the high privacy of KlexHub. Of course you can also disable this feature. Then no geodata will be displayed in the session and all other geodata related services are unavailable.


You can start for free by downloading the MaxMind Geo Location database.

  1. Creating a free account at MaxMind geolite2.

  2. You can find and create a licensekey here.

  3. Update the environment file with your license key.


We recommend to enable the auto update feature. This will automatic update the database in background.

NOTE that this requires a lot of RAM. It is known to fail on on a Digital Ocean or AWS micro instance. There are no plans to change this. geoip-lite stores all data in RAM in order to be fast


For the integration we use Geoip-lite, a fast JavaScript native implementation for geomapping of IPs. It not required libgeoip. That make it easier to install KlexSign.

The Benchmarkt for this package are als very amazing.

IPv4 addresses take about 6 microseconds, while IPv6 addresses take about 30 microseconds.

Thank you Philip Tellis for the great work.